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A fabulous shoot and a fun but smoothly operated day of shooting at Bandirran Estate in Perthshire thanks to Bill Black and his team. Our group was a mix of guns with several decades of experience and some with only a few years,

A day of simulated shooting before the actual partridge day was a great way to get everybody warmed up and the quality of our actual shooting was much better for it.

If you want to perform at your best, I wholeheartedly recommend the simulated shoot as a way to get the feel of the Partridge / Pheasant Hunting.

You don‘t want bad shooting to ruin your day – and with a well managed day like the one we enjoyed with Bill and his team you‘ll have no one to blame but yourself if your bag is disappointing.

The three youngest of the group (myself included) have grown up mainly wildfowling and don‘t have much experience in driven shooting. It was a relief how welcoming the group was and we are grateful to everyone from the beaters to the gamekeeper for sharing their experience with relative novices like ourselves.

Scotland is the best for Hunting no question - come and see Bandirran Estate with Hunting Scotland

Oddur, Iceland

Our syndicate from Iceland has been shooting in Scotland for close to thirty years and we have loved every minute spent there and we were lucky enough to get an opportunity to shoot at the Bandirran Estate in Perthshire almost twenty years ago and it has been like a love affair, the large estate offers shooting, drives and sport that is second to none. Beautiful rolling hills and the then the deep gorges endless variety.

I would like to mention as to demonstrate the variety off drives that the group was shooting according to our best abilities years ago and we thought we were pretty good at it, but as the years have passed our shooting has improved . But then Jim the Gamekeeper and the other good people at Bandirran have always surprised us with new challenges and in the last years drives like Michael ’s Match which is unbelievable challenging and the list goes on, it is like growing up with the terrain and the nature, always something new to look forward to.

The simulated game shoot last year was one of those new challenges and was wild fun with huge good practice to get us ready for the partridges shoot the following day and resulting in October now the list of new events for us in addition to the January days that we come.

I cannot end this short narrative without mentioning the shoot lunches at Bandirran, relaxed and very good food.

For us coming to Scotland and Bandirran is one of the highlights of the year. Meeting yourself, Jim Gamekeeper and Brian Estate manager and other friends that have been looking after us all this time.

We hope to see you in October and January next year despite the troubled times.

Einar, Skuli and The Gang

In 2014 a friend of mine mentioned Hunting Scotland’s simulate shoot near Stirling and it seemed like a great way to improve my shooting. I’ve been attending whenever I can since then and the package Bill Black lays on is extremely well organised and fun. It has been a great way to get lots of practice in, to benefit from some tips from Bill and to meet other people keen on clay shooting and fieldsports. It is also a brilliant way to introduce young people to the excitement of driven shooting and Bill always makes an extra effort to help them.

Tom, Crieff

Would just like to say thanks for the great service you have provided over the last few years. I can honestly say that between the days spent up north, Rossi Ochil, Brechin , Kinnaird , etc and the long weekend in Yorkshire, i have never enjoyed my shooting as much. Totally professional organisation, tough but fair birds, great lunches and interesting guys/chat.

Keep up the good work!

Simon, Littlejohn

An other cracking day out with Bill at hunting Scotland and as always everything well organised. Some really good challenging birds and the weather was fair if not a bit mild for the time of year. Good company, good food and all in all another great day would highly recommend Bill and hunting Scotland, see you in October.

Very much appreciated and thanks again!

Andrew Robertson, Finavon, near Brechin

Pigeon Day August 2019

Great day had on the pigeons on a fantastic August day with a stiff breeze to add to the challenge. As always well set up by bill and team and placed really well to make the most of the day. Well worth taking the time to have a day on the pigeons organised by Hunting Scotland.

Thanks again!

Andrew Robertson, Finavon, near Brechin

For several years now I have arranged all my stalking in Scotland through Bill and his team at Hunting Scotland. From the West Coast, to the Central Belt, through Perthshire, the Angus glens and onwards to Caithness I have hunted both Roe and Red. On each and every occasion his team have met, and then exceeded, my expectations in every respect. It has been my privilege to hunt in some truly beautiful areas and meet many professionals who are deeply passionate about both the land they care for and the animals that they manage. No detail is overlooked in their planning and organisation, and nothing is too much trouble. Hunting Scotland is now my sole provider of stalking in Scotland.

Best wishes

Jonno Bone

On the 29th January 2020 I joined a Hunting Scotland syndicate at the magnificent Bandirran Estate in rural Perthshire to close out my Pheasant season. Bill himself organised and hosted the day, and what a day it turned out to be! With a few traces of snow on the ground we had an incredible day; the weather was kind, the gun-line were friendly, the hospitality excellent and the pheasants second-to-none. We shot through and all convened for lunch at the end in the wonderful shoot lunch room where we were treated to some fantastic food. I have already enquired about more pheasant and partridge shooting for next season!

Jonno Bone

Each year I book two or three days Goose flighting with Hunting Scotland in the Angus Region, around Montrose. With a full-time guide in the area, access to literally thousands of acres and the close proximity of the Montrose Basin I am assured of a good day each and every time. The guide (John) really knows his stuff and is on hand throughout to assist with hide-building, decoy patterns and working the call. My Goose trips with Hunting Scotland have never disappointed. Thanks

Jonathan Bone

Driven and walked up Game Shooting

Bill has been organising Pheasant and Partridge shooting for myself and my syndicate since the late nineties, both here at home and occasionally abroad. In all the years, there has never been a duff day. He combines the highest quality shooting with stunning scenery and good-natured keepers/beaters.

Scotty Menneer , Dollar , Clacks

Clays Tuition and Simulated

Bills simulated game club near Stirling is a great tonic for the close season and a great day out, whether your young or old. The clays are challenging and there is non-stop action across a number of ‘drives’ throughout the day. The scenery is breath-taking and much like a game shoot, transport to each drive is by 4x4. Everything is good natured and there is always someone to stand with you (or your kids) if you need a few pointers.

Scotty Menneer


Bill and his team have exemplary attention to detail. Aside from the pre-requisites of high birds and well-turned out estates, he always remembers the small things - be it a cup of hot soup or just a bit of encouragement. He will go out of his way to make you welcome and his good humour is an essential ingredient to a braw day!

Scott Menneer

A windy day in January 2020 was my first visit to the shoot at Kinnaird Castle, Brechin and from start to finish it was a memorable experience. The Ante Room provided an impressive setting for coffee, bacon rolls and the morning briefing. The shooting was varied and challenging across the five drives, some pegged on open ground and others in woodland where snap shooting was required. The wind kept the shooting interesting but the bag was made on the last drive. An excellent late lunch in the Castle rounded off the day. This was yet another example of great driven shooting that I have been able to access through Bill Black at Hunting Scotland and will continue to do so next season.

Douglas Low, Blair Drummond

I heard about the simulate shoot organised by Bill Black at Hunting Scotland from my dentist and thought it would be an interesting way of “filling” a Sunday morning particularly as the shoot location above Cambusbarron is only 10 minutes from home. I joined my first shoot last August and fast and furious is the only way to describe the sport. The format consists of a number of different “drives” with each gun taking a turn on the peg. A constant stream of clays is fired from multiple positions and assisted loading means that an awful lot of shots can be made. The variety of targets coming from different directions, heights, speed provide a great simulated experience and certainly helps you keep your “eye in” out of season. It’s a really well organised morning by Bill and his team and I’m now a regular at the monthly event.

Douglas Low, Blair Drummond

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