Game Bird Shooting in Scotland

Rough Shooting, or “walked up” days are a popular form of shooting sport in Scotland.

Our packages are suitable for teams of four to eight guns and will involve the guns shooting in a line, advancing behind working dogs. An expected bag for a walked-up day would be approximately 10-12 head of mixed game per gun (including pheasant, partridge, woodcock, snipe, pigeon, duck, rabbit or hare) but packages can be altered to suit individual requirements (including, for instance, targeting specific quarry). Hunting Scotland can arrange days at numerous estates all over Scotland. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Rough shooting is considered by some to be the true essence of game hunting and can come in many forms.

A Mixed Bag
This is where a group of friends walk in a line with dogs working just in front of them. Hunting out the game for a chance of a shot. The bag can consist of pheasant, partridge, duck, woodcock, pigeons, rabbits and hares. All dependent on the area you are in. You may walk for a while, ever ready, and see nothing. Just as you relax the dogs flush something and you then have only seconds to bring your gun up and make sure of your shot. Sometimes you are on target and other times not, oftentimes leaving your friends asking “how did you miss that?” A mixed bag and the good company of your friends gives you lots to talk about while having a nice evening meal in your shooting lodge.

Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to confirm in writing and as mentioned to you verbally recently, that from my perspective at least each outing with Hunting-Scotland is without doubt a feast for sense and sensibility. The camaraderie shared between Syndicate members (of both sexes) in exquisite and pristine Scottish locations always makes for a fabulous day - long may it continue!

Being based in Sydney for much of the year I also very much appreciate the logistics support you offer when sorting accommodation, car hire, shooting practice booking times, etc. Your email response time to any query I have is truly awesome!

I can now well appreciate why clients loyally return to shoot with Hunting-Scotland year in-year out. The Shooting Estates obviously hold strong personal loyalty to you as well as there is always a wonderful ambience that we syndicate shooters experience whenever visiting one of them for the day.

In the world of fact all this of course is about achieving the 'best client experience' but nonetheless whether heading to the next drive or over lunch at day's end it is ALWAYS one of the best of days!
Your Simulated Game Shoot Days at Cambusbarron are also brilliant as a syndicate or general practice day - only wish I could be at many more of them!

Finally I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the genuine efforts you go to in ‘making it happen for me’, regardless of whether I am in Edinburgh, down south or away in Sydney.

Brilliant to be part of it,

Mark Slee, Sydney

Shooting Tuition And Lessons

Tuition and practice - from beginners to experienced shots

It’s how you use your practice time that counts, training on the types of angles and shots you are likely to come across during the shooting season.

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