Tuition and practice - from beginners to experienced shots

It never ceases to surprise me how so many keen game shots do not consider taking practice and instruction or are even dismissive of the notion of “shooting clays”. The common response is -“I don’t shoot clay pigeons, only game”, I ask “How do you practice then?”.

It’s how you use your practice time that counts, training on the types of angles and shots you are likely to come across during the shooting season. It is a good idea to have a session with an instructor before you train alone, as he will be able to tighten up your technique and give you your good timing and angles, so as and when you train alone you are practicing good skills as opposed to the opposite. There really is not a lot of point to practice if you don’t know why you are not hitting or where you are on the target, we must all practice and take some tuition.

Top performers in all other sports practice endlessly, no matter how good they are and they will iron out faults, but game shooters in the main seem to dismiss practice. From beginner to seasoned shot, it is accepted that lessons and regular practice can prove invaluable. You might argue that as an instructor I am bound to say that. Not at all. It is fact. Another point to consider is that most sports are played the year round. They don’t stop at the end of January for seven or eight months.

We all know that disappointing feeling when we miss more than we hit. We owe it to our quarry to shoot straight, and we want to enjoy the day. Also, being perfectly blunt, it doesn’t come cheap, so we want to make the most of it.

Any form of practice with your gun has to be good - but you need to know where you are going wrong. Any type of target can be presented - more importantly, they can replicate the bird or combination of birds which has been giving you trouble. You can practice it over and over again until you get it right and feel more confident.

In addition to practice and lessons, there is now another option: ”Simulated Game Shooting”. This replicates a full days driven shooting, but with clays. Several drives... everything but the feathers. They are a lot of fun and great for practice.

My advice would be twofold - use these occasions for practice and keep a lid on the adrenaline. Take your time, concentrate on stance, timing and focus. Basically shoot less, break more. My Recommendation for tuition and practice would be as follows:
Firstly - One to one tuition session(s).
Secondly - Try simulated, but use this as your practice for shots you find difficult.
Third - Consider “in the field tuition” on your first / early game days.
Follow up - Refresher / practice on a one to one basis. This can be done as required.

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Tuition and practice

Tuition - For those of you that would like to try your hand at Clay pigeon shooting. With our professional instructors , we can offer complete beginners the chance to learn the art of Shotgun shooting. There is a skill in breaking the different moving clay pigeons. Our instructors have years of experience with which to show you how to hold the Shotgun, find out which is your master eye and exactly where you need to be to try and break a clay.

It is serious but also fun. Britain has a good record when it comes to the large Games. You never know, You might just be our next GOLD Medalist.

Improve your shooting / Practice - We are also available for those that do shoot a bit, to come and practice on our site. Different layouts can be set up tailored to your requirements . Or just the discipline that you need to practice most. We can also supply an instructor who can give you that final little help that gets you bang on target.

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Shooting Tuition And Lessons

Tuition and practice - from beginners to experienced shots

It’s how you use your practice time that counts, training on the types of angles and shots you are likely to come across during the shooting season.

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