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Scotland is a very easy place to reach, although you may find it hard to leave us at the end of your hunting trip. However, outside of the main cities the public transport can be a little sporadic, leading to overly time consuming journeys and many frustrations. Because of this, Hunting Scotland will be pleased to help with your arrangements to ensure that your travel time progresses smoothly, and we are pleased to offer a few suggestions when it comes to travelling to Scotland.

Air Travel to Scotland - Scotland’s principle airports are situated at Edinburgh and Glasgow, and both are served by direct flights that are scheduled on a daily basis from many cities in Europe, Canada and the USA. If you are willing to change flights at a location such as London, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Reykjavik or Frankfurt then the range choice becomes still greater. Smaller Scottish airports such as Prestwick, Aberdeen and Inverness also receive similarly direct flights from much of Europe, meaning that there are plenty of options when it comes to air travel to and from Scotland.

Sea Travel to Scotland - Regular vehicle and passenger ferry services operate between Rosyth and Zeebrugge, allowing our visitors to enjoy sea travel should they wish to do so.

Rail Travel to Scotland - Reaching Scotland by train is relatively straightforward, as most of the country can be readily reached using main line train stations throughout the UK.

At Hunting Scotland, we will be pleased to assist in arranging all of your airport and station transfers, and we can also help to provide a range of transports within Scotland, including coaches, off-road vehicles, limousines and even helicopters. Almost all of the major car-hire firms are well represented in Scotland, and specialist agencies are also easily reachable for anyone that requires four-by-four vehicles or chauffeur driven services.

Many Scottish estates require off-road transports, and there is a wide range of choices available for an individual who is looking for something a little more memorable than a four-by-four. We can arrange transport in the form of pick-ups, Argos and quad-bikes, whilst some providers still continue to offer access to traditional Highland Ponies. Some journeys to the West Highland and Island estates occasionally justify using helicopters or light aircraft to reach your destination and, despite, the expense, these trips are often rewarded with some of the most stunning views to be seen anywhere across Europe.

We at Hunting Scotland are committed to remaining as flexible as possible when it comes to your travel arrangements, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information or advice about your travel within Scotland.

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