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Whilst our Simulated Days are excellent for practicing your shooting skills with a shotgun they are more beneficial if you are starting from a sound base technique. To this end we offer a series of tuition packages covering all levels of shooters to give you a basis of knowledge and technique that will allow you to analyse your own shooting. We have found that, whilst practise is essential, it is equally important to know WHY you are missing a particular target; after all, you can only fix a problem if you know what that problem is!


We offer various Clay Pigeon packages that will allow you to experience shotgun shooting. We provide shotguns, cartridges and an experienced instructor who will guide you through the experience, from initial gun-fit through the mechanics and practicalities of shooting clay targets


For those that have tried clay pigeon shooting and decided to continue with the sport we can offer a full grounding in the intricacies of shooting clay targets, giving you a sound basis for improving. Working on a one-to-one, or one-to-two basis, we can teach and reinforce proper techniques including gun-mount, footwork and reading the target.

Experienced Shots:

Even experienced game shots can benefit from refresher sessions / practise alongside an instructor. We all pick up bad habits now and again and these can be very difficult to self-diagnose, they can be even more difficult to successfully remedy on your own! We have instructors who have learned from some of the greatest game-coaches in the UK (arguably the world!) and we are able to offer one-to-one sessions on particular targets, accompanied simulated days, or we can even accompany you on a driven game day to provide “in the field / real time” tuition.

In addition to our standard packages we can also offer bespoke tuition according to your needs, with regular clients from as far away as Sydney in Australia we are very experienced in the field. Contact us here to discuss your requirements.

Customer Testimonials

Just to let you know how invaluable I find the personal compak sporting tuition offered up at Cambusbarron. Would be there every week if I could!

One of the things I really love about it is that it is NOT a typical clay ground competitive environment. This means I can get the one-to-one personal sporting tuition to practice improvement on the specific targets I have trouble with - in an environment where the only person I need to impress and compete against is myself!

This allows maximum chance to focus on developing skills for the game season and because I have found it works to my benefit with you guys I am now doing the same down south and when back in Oz.

A great facility you have available there

Mark Slee, Edinburgh/Bath and Sydney

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Shooting Tuition And Lessons

Tuition and practice - from beginners to experienced shots

It’s how you use your practice time that counts, training on the types of angles and shots you are likely to come across during the shooting season.

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