Deer Management Courses

DMQ Level 1

Level 1 is the theory foundation course For Deer Management Qualification. It is a classroom based course and exam that will give you an insight into the Biology of deer, Hygiene, Recognition, Safety and a Shooting test.

Once registered you will receive a training manual. This has all the questions you may be asked. You then have to go through the questions and find the answers in the manual. In other words you have to do the homework. It is normally advised that you have at least 4 weeks homework before the actual exam.

The revision and exam are normally over two days. First day we go through all the questions. One to make sure you have the right answers. Two to explain if and where you went wrong and finally to explain anything that you did not understand. Next comes a set of pictures to help you recognise the different deer we have in the UK. After that it is an explanation how the safety test will work the next day.

Finally we will go out onto the range and check rifles.

  •   The Hygiene consists of 40 questions of which you have to get 32 correct.
  •   Recognition is 20 pictures and the pass is 16 correct.
  •   Biology etc. is 50 questions and the pass is 40 correct.
  •   The safety and shooting has to passed 100%


DMQ Level 2

The level 2 is the practical side of your Deer Management Qualification. There is no real course that can be put together so we do the training and assessment while actually stalking. We will take you stalking and give you information on what your Approved Witness will be looking for. Once we find a deer you will then do the stalk and cull the animal. We then let you know what is needed before you gralloch the carcase. If you are happy to go on and show us how you normally gralloch , we will watch and give you hints on how to make it easier. If you are unexperienced, then we will show you how to do it and what to look out for. Once you are proficient enough you can then do a complete stalk , shot, gralloch and larder for your level2. As we are Approved Witnesses we can do this . You have to complete 3 stalks , 3 shots, 3 grallochs, and 3 larders to complete level 2. They can be with different AW'S. And on different areas with different species of deer.

You will need to register with your assessment centre for your Level 2. Once registered you have three years to complete it.

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