Simulated Game Shooting

A lot of people confuse Simulated Game Shooting with simple clay pigeon shooting, but the term means so much more. A typical day of simulated shooting in Scotland will involve your team arriving early to the Gunroom or Lunchroom. Once you have been offered some suitable refreshments you will be given a detailed safety talk from the shoot captain; this may be simulated shooting, but that doesn’t mean that it is totally risk free. Your team will then be divided into groups of around 3 or 4 individuals, and these groups will then be supervised by a dedicated loader, or minder.

You will then be loaded into vehicles and transported to the first drive. Once in position, and the guns have been checked and loaded, the captain will sound a horn to begin the start of the shoot. The simulated drive will then begin, and the air will fill with targets simulating the flight of a wild bird, according to the variety that has been chosen by the captain. These simulated targets will surround you from all directions, enabling you to test and hone your skills as an all-round shot.

A number of drives can be conducted during a day of simulated game shooting in Scotland, and the look and feel of a simulated shoot almost exactly replicates that of a “real” hunting trip. Our trained gamekeepers and beaters will fire off clay targets at a variety of trajectories, accurately mirroring the flight patterns of real birds and, best of all, a simulated shoot can also be conducted out of season.

Many of the guns and individuals involved in simulated shooting in Scotland are also well used to action in the actual hunting season, meaning that a simulated shoot is an ideal way to keep equipment and hunting skills in check all year round. Many people are put off simulated shooting due to pre-conceived opinions surrounding clay pigeon shooting; however most of these individuals soon revise this viewpoint following a successful shoot. Please be sure to contact us to find out more about our simulated shooting in Scotland opportunities, or to learn whether one of your local sites could be used for a similar purpose.

Simulated Game Shooting

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