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Scotland has a long tradition of Deer Stalking, and we at Hunting Scotland are proud to provide a modern take on the age-old activity. Whether you wish to partake as a part of a new experience, or wish to get a taste for what deer stalking entails, our Simulated Stalks follow true to the real experience of the day. Your stalker will set out some of our stalking targets (Roe or Red, as package dictates) early in the day prior to your arrival at our extensive hill site. On your arrival you and he will glass the hillside to locate your “target” and the stalk will commence, taking into account weather conditions, wind direction and terrain, just as in a real stalk. Please be aware that this activity can be rather strenuous, and you will likely be belly crawling through heather, grass, mud and water in places! A reasonable level of fitness will be required (along with, perhaps, a change of clothes!). Once in final position your stalker will set up the rifle and the shot can be taken.

Our instructors are all avid deer stalkers, in many instances carrying out deer management activities on various estates throughout Scotland, so you can be assured of an experience as close to the real thing as possible.

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