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Statistically speaking heather moorland is rarer than tropical rainforest, and 75% of the worlds remaining heather moorland is found in the UK.

More importantly from our point of view, heather moorland is home to a particularly iconic bird, “Lagopus scoticus”, or as it is more commonly known, the Red Grouse. Scotland’s national bird, it is unique to the UK and is widely considered to be the King of Game Birds, flying at speeds of up to 70mph and prone to changing direction in flight with breath-taking speed. It is little wonder that the shooting of driven Grouse is considered to be the pinnacle of our sport.

Driven Grouse shooting can trace its heritage back to the 1850’s, and much of the tradition and ceremony remains unchanged even today. Teams of 8-10 hunters (in the UK known as “Guns”) are led onto the moor by the tweed-wearing gamekeepers. The guns are stationed in hides (“Butts”), constructed of stone or wood and faced with heather (oftentimes sunk into the heather to lower the profile), in a line across the moor and a team of beaters begins to make their way slowly forward from the other end of the drive, pushing the birds towards the waiting guns, all carefully controlled by the ever-watchful Head Gamekeeper.

This scenario is repeated four or five times throughout the day, with lunch taken on the moor, surrounded by some of the most attractive scenery to be found in the UK.

To experience a day shooting driven grouse is to truly experience the “Sport of Kings”.

Customer Testimonials

We would like to thank you for our recent goose and pigeon flight day in the North East of Scotland. We had a full day shooting for all our members , with the geese coming down to your decoys in the morning, followed by lunch, before setting off to flight the wood pigeons in the afternoon. We will need to restock our cartridges for our next trip with you. Really appreciate all your efforts with this organising.

Brian McNaughton, Glasgow

Grouse Hunting Scotland

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