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Woodcock Shooting & Woodcock Hunting Scotland

image001Woodcock shooting in Scotland is one of the most challenging activities offered by Hunting Scotland, and it is best enjoyed by experienced hunters. Woodcocks rank amid the most fascinating game birds in the world, as they migrate all across Europe and the surrounding areas. As they only feed in the evening, or even at night, they are particularly difficult to spot. During the day time they are also well concealed thanks to their impeccable camouflage.

Woodcok Hunting in Scotland

Woodcock shooting in Scotland is extremely difficult because the birds are small and fast moving, and they typically break very late when disturbed. This provides quite a challenge at close to medium range, with incredibly fast reactions being needed to bring down such an elusive quarry. Woodcocks take their name from their preferred habitat, requiring hunters to be positioned in tactical locations, while a select part of the team focuses on drawing the birds out. Walked-Up woodcock hunting in Scotland and Snipe Shooting is also available, although mainly on the West Coast and Islands. Normally groups of four to six guns take part in wood hunting in Scotland, and mixed days with Pheasant Shoots are often to be preferred.

Woodcock Shooting in Scotland

At Hunting Scotland we always ensure safety before sport, particularly when someone shouts the word ‘woodcock!’, as it typically solicits a very quick response from most hunters. Woodcock shooting in Scotland takes a quick wit, steady hands and a keen eye, but we believe it is worth it for the eventual prize. If you, or your party, sign up for woodcock hunting in Scotland, be sure to stay alert, and you will hopefully be assured of a successful shoot. Woodcock shooting is a great way to spend an afternoon with your friends and, should you be fortunate, you can all enjoy your spoils over an evening dinner.

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