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Shotgun Cartridges sales

At Hunting Scotland we take our shotgun cartridge sales very seriously, and so we are proud to be one of the official stockists within the central belt of Scotland for “Hull Cartridges”. Hull Cartridges have been providing the finest and most reliable shotgun cartridges since 1947, and they specialise in incorporating the very latest technological developments within the shooting industry to maximise the qualities of each individual cartridge. Each Hull Cartridge product undergoes a comprehensive range of rigorous tests before it is launched into widespread use, and only the best quality components and propellants are incorporated into their shotgun cartridge sales programme.

Some of the best shooters in the world make use of Hull Cartridges, although here at Hunting Scotland we also carry an extensive stock of popular varieties manufactured by other leading brand names. Our shotgun cartridge sales are especially relevant for customers who are seeking to pursue game shooting in Scotland, or even clay pigeon shooting. Whether you are shooting at live quarry or simulated targets, you will always need suitable cartridges. Hunting Scotland has many years of experience when it comes to shotgun cartridge sales, so look no further when you are looking for a reliable provider to meet your needs.

If you are looking for something specific with regards to shotgun cartridges, we can also order in many additional varieties to suit your requirements, so be sure to ask us and we will be happy to be as flexible as possible. For a full list of details relating to our range of Hull Cartridges, including the prices for each model, click here to visit the official Hull Cartridge website. Alternatively, contact us and we will be pleased to answer any of the questions you might still have.

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