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Roving Syndicate

Hunting syndicates are ideal for game hunters who either lack the time or inclination to organise a full line themselves, however, visiting the same old shoots and the same drives with the same faces year after year in a fixed syndicate can soon get stale.

Hunting Scotland understand the importance of keeping your hunting experience as fresh and exciting as the very first trip you took and this is why we offer a fantastic alternative to a fixed syndicate.

Our roving syndicates are perfect for allowing single and small groups of shooters to experience new and exciting shoots and beautiful countryside, whilst meeting new, likeminded shooting friends.

Hunting Scotland has various estates where you can join a group of Game shooters who are also looking for new and exciting challenges and terrains, eliminating the boredom of a fixed syndicate with better variety and choice.

Whether you are part of an established small group or you are looking for new guns to share your experience with, our roving syndicate offers you the opportunity to form an 8 man syndicate that can lead to lasting friendships.

Whatever your ability or budget, we are confident that we can find you the perfect experience to suit your needs, with the opportunity for longer trips and more variety of location  so you get a better hunting experience.

Our roving syndicates are a fantastic alternative to a fixed syndicate, which can often cost far more than our roving syndicates as there are no hidden fees as you start off your hunting trip knowing its cost.

To reignite your passion with hunting in the idyllic setting of the Scottish countryside, or for further information on how our roving syndicates can benefit you, get in touch with us and discover the better way to shoot today.

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