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Rough Shooting


Rough shooting is sometimes considered to be true game hunting and can come in many forms.

A mixed bag.
image003This is where a group of friends walk in a line with dogs working just in front of them. Hunting out the game for a chance of a shot. The bag can consist of pheasant, partridge, duck, woodcock, pigeons, rabbits and hares. All depending on the area you are in. You may walk for a while, ready, and see nothing. Then as you relax the dogs flush something. You then have to bring your gun up and  make sure of your shot. Sometimes you are on target and others not. Leaving your friends asking” how did you miss that.” A mixed bag and the good company of your friends gives you lots to talk about while having a nice evening meal in your shooting lodge.


Rough Shooting Rabbits.

Rabbit hunting can take two forms. Firstly, walking some rough open ground that rabbits live on. This will be with your friends in line and dogs hunting just in front of you. When a rabbit is flushed out of the undergrowth they will bolt for the nearest hole for safety. They run fast because they know their lives depend on speed. You also have to be quick to be able to shoot them. This style of hunting sharpens up your skill as a marksman .



Another way of hunting Rabbits is to go with your guide to the rabbits home. The Warren. He will place you in position and then put his ferret down the hole to flush out the rabbits. Sometimes the Rabbit will come out strait away, other times he will run around under ground trying to get away from the ferret. Either way when he comes out he will be running very fast . You again have to be very quick to shoot before he reaches cover again. Using ferrets is normally best in the winter hunting season

walked up shooting

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