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Pheasant Shooting & Pheasant Hunting Scotland

pheasant shooting 2Pheasant hunting in Scotland is mainly carried out as driven hunting. Many territories will rear their birds until they are seven weeks old, and then release them into the wild in time for July. The season for pheasant hunting in Scotland starts in October, once the birds have matured and can fly strongly. A day’s hunting is well suited for a team of friends, although feel free to contact us if you require any specific arrangements.

When pheasant hunting, you will be met by your host in the morning, and the names and the number of drives during the day will then be explained to you. You will also be required to pick a peg number for your first drive, and then each drive you participate in after that will move you up, or down, a set number, so that you are not in the same place all day. The arrangements of your day pheasant shooting in Scotland will also depend on the number of targets your group wants to shoot. Some areas may supply you with a supervisor to help you throughout the day, assisting you to load and carry your gun, and generally making sure that you have a good day out.

pheasant shooting

Various degrees of difficulty can be arranged to suit the particular levels of marksmanship within your team, though please remember that, although it may be very exciting to try for the most difficult targets, you will fire a great many cartridges when pheasant hunting in Scotland, and your number of successful shots may well be less than expected due to various difficulties. Please do not hesitate to arrange things with your guide to best suit your needs. Pheasant shooting in Scotland can be organised for single day, or a number of days, and often the different territories allow you to visit a good selection of locations within the Scottish countryside.

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