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Partridge Shooting & Partridge Hunting Scotland

Partridge Hunting in ScotlandPartridge shooting in Scotland would once have been highly discouraged but, after many years of decline, partridges are now making a comeback. This is largely thanks to the hard work of the many estate owners and gamekeepers who have introduced both Red Leg and English Grey Partridge back into many Scottish game reserves. This means that Hunting Scotland can, once again, offer partridge hunting in Scotland to our valuable clientele.

Partridge Hunting & Shooting in Scotland

Partridges are medium sized birds, being a little smaller than the pheasants they are related to, and they are very strong runners, and equally proficient flyers. Disturbed partridges usually rise with a great noise, and fly low to the ground at high speeds, meaning that successfully shooting them can prove to be far from easy. Cross shots on partridge are usually far more effective than firing straight at them, as they are incredibly skilled at dodging away to one side. Side elevations not only negate this innate agility, but also have the added benefit of exposing a more suitable shooting p

When you are partridge hunting in Scotland, both driven and walked-up shoots are available in different locations as required. The guns are generally positioned behind natural cover, and the birds will often fly high overhead in coveys, or sometimes as singles. Partridges favour terrain such as meadows and overgrown steppes, especially forest areas where the landscape is threaded by shrubs, thickets or gullies, so pursuing them can also be a particularly appealing practice from a visual point of view. Partridge hunting in Scotland usually continues intermittently throughout a full day, often taking place early in the morning and late in the afternoon, and it is a highly recommended activity for a group of friends to participate in.

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