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Mobile Clay Pigeons

Mobile Clay Pigeon Shooting in ScotlandSimulated shooting is as close to real game shooting as you can get, and because of this it represents an ideal practice for established hunters to enjoy. However, simulated shooting in Scotland is also an ideal exercise for team building, a day out of the office or even a stag or hen night. Whether your event is a private or public function, our facilities can provide the services that you need, and also bring them to exactly where you want them.

Furthermore, for an even more sophisticated simulated shooting experience, Hunting Scotland provide a range of high quality machines enabling the shooting of mobile clay pigeons in Scotland. These devices allow up to 4 guns to use the same source of targets. The Huntsman XP is one such mechanical aid, and its unique features make it the ideal machine for a serious party of game shooters looking to target mobile clay pigeons in Scotland.

With a pair of front linked traps and a rear situated trap that can throw randomly timed targets, the Huntsman XP allows a natural spread of targets to be used over an enormous area. These devices can store up to 630 clay “birds”, and eject as many as 100 in 60 seconds. They also allow customised flurries of clays to be used, permitting mobile clay pigeons in Scotland to simulate the behaviour of specific quarry such as pheasant, grouse, partridge or ducks.

The Huntsman XP is used and recommended by a range of noteworthy game shooters, syndicates and estates on a global scale and, because of its intelligent three stage battery charger system, the device can easily be recharged after a day’s use at any wall socket; and with no risk of overcharging to damage the battery. Multiple Huntsman XP shooters can also be hired to allow up to 12 shooters to interact with mobile clay pigeons in Scotland, and all can be readily controlled using the Dual Game trailer radio. Each booking is inclusive of refreshments, tuition, clays and cartridges, so be sure to contact us if you require any further information.

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