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Grouse Shooting & Grouse Hunting in Scotland

Grouse shooting in Scotland takes place on carefully tended grouse moors that are mainly situated in the Highlands, Angus and the Borders. Although the season does not open until 12 August (known as “The Glorious Twelfth”), the gamekeepers work throughout the year to ensure that the best possible conditions exist for the grouse to rear their chicks, as well as building or repairing the butts that are used by the shooters.

grouse 2The moors often primarily consist of heather-clad peat, and the shooting party is generally transported to the butts using four-by-fours. An army of beaters drive the grouse towards the butts, with the birds generally flying very low and very fast. Grouse shooting in Scotland can be a very social occasion, with an excellent lunch and after-shoot drinks to enjoy with the keepers, loaders and beaters.

Although grouse shooting in Scotland may be available on a daily basis, we would recommend that you dedicate at least two days to it. To keep costs down and ensure that you experience maximum sporting enjoyment, an extra half day of our Simulated Shooting can help you to get your eye in, followed by two days of shooting with an intervening day to rest the moor (and the beaters). On rare occasions, opportunities arise for single guns, or two guns, to be used on estate shoots. Both driven and walked-up shoots are available at locations throughout most of Scotland, so be sure to ask if you are at all unsure about any arrangements

grousePlease note that grouse shooting in Scotland is usually very expensive and, as the yield on many moors can be sporadic from year to year, it may not always represent good value. We monitor a number of locations to find the best area for your requirements and, if we are not satisfied with the likely quality of the shooting, we will certainly advise you and discuss other options to ensure the success and enjoyment of your trip.

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