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Deer Hunting and Stag Hunting in Scotland

Scotland has a vast deer population that is spread across the country throughout a variety of different terrain types. Because of this, the Highlands represent the perfect setting for anyone who is looking to pursue stag hunting & deer hunting in Scotland. At Hunting Scotland, we arrange hunts within a number of designated Scottish deer forests and woodlands throughout the year, with the host season being largely dependent upon the species of deer in question.

Throughout your hunt, your dedicated deer hunter from Hunting Scotland will try their utmost to ensure that your every wish is catered for, although please do remember that your safety and the efficient management of the deer population remain priority issues at all times. As such, it is essential that you comply with any, and all, of the instructions that are issued to you.

Red Deer Stags

Red Deer Stalking Scotland

The Red Deer is the largest land mammal within Britain and, with no natural predator, it roams across the hills, mountains and glens of Scotland with relative impunity. The harsh Scottish winters are the biggest threat to this magnificent animal, and many herds are decimated by cold weather across the higher areas of Scotland. Red Deer survive through carefully implemented conservation measures that endeavour to regulate the population to self-sustainable levels; an undertaking that is actually assisted by stag hunting in Scotland.


Red Deer Hinds

Red Deer Hind Stalking ScotlandConservation has recently demanded a more rigorous culling process for Red Deer Hinds. This type of hunt in Scotland is often carried out during challenging winter conditions, requiring high levels of fitness and precise levels of vigilance in order to select a suitable target that does not place the best breeding hinds in jeopardy. The stalking of an alert Red Deer hind is every bit as demanding as the pursuit of a stag and, with the range of deer hunting excursions offered by Hunting Scotland, you can easily incorporate many of the other attractions that Scotland has to offer within your trip.


Roe Deer

Roe Deer Hunting ScotlandIn contrast to its larger cousin, the Roe Deer prefers the more sheltered woodlands of the lower ground. This increased accessibility means that Roe Deer hunting in Scotland is very popular, with most ventures taking places against the atmospheric background of dawn or dusk. Certain hunting locations generally require a high vantage point to be utilised, such as a tower or tree, as the Roe Deer themselves can often take some time to make their presence known.

The challenge of stag & deer hunting in Scotland has attracted a wide range of sportsmen (and women) to the Highlands for many generations, and your appointed deer stalker will guide you across the landscape to find the favourite haunts of each deer in question. Once you are in prime position amid the cover of boulders, heather or peat-hags, you will be encouraged to select your target using a telescope. Approaching your target from a suitable downwind direction, you will take your shot with or without any adequate assistance, depending on your own preference.

Following this experience, you will be offered the opportunity to have a photo-shoot alongside your target, and the carcass will then be transported back to your personal hunting lodge using a Highland Pony, an Argo-cat, a suitable four-by-four or even your own shoulders. Most estates also allow the deer stalker to remove and prepare any trophies that you may require, so do not hesitate to let us know how we can better meet your needs.

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