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Duck Hunting Scotland

Duck Hunting in ScotlandIn Scotland the duck population rises during the winter time and we have many types of duck that choose to migrate here for the winter. This makes the majority of the population truly wild, meaning that duck hunting in Scotland can be a challenging pursuit.

Some hunting territories will have lots of open water areas where it may be possible to drive the ducks over a line of waiting guns. Duck hunts are normally one part of a day spent hunting, also including the driving of pheasants for example, although there are some programs where you may be able to shoot driven ducks all day long. The main type of duck hunting in Scotland takes place around flight ponds. The gamekeeper for the area will feed these flight ponds every day. The ducks do not live on these ponds, but fly in from the surrounding countryside as the day comes to an end. The flight pond will have butts set in place around it, with hunters sitting in these butts as they wait for the ducks to start “flighting in”.

image001The size of the flight pond will decides how many butts are used for duck hunting in Scotland. You may be shooting on your own, or perhaps with two or three of your friends. The secret is not to shoot too early. Duck hunting in Scotland can be an exciting evening of sport, as the targets will be coming from all directions. Some might already be flying fast, but once a shot is fired they will accelerate even more to get away. A hunter has to be a good shot to bring down a duck and, depending on the locality, “flighting” can produce different species of ducks in a single evening.  Once it is too dark to continue, your guide or keeper will come and collect your ducks from around the pond, enabling you to enjoy your meal at your shooting lodge.

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