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Bird Shooting

Many people think of hunting as the pursuit of a large animal, and whilst this certainly can be the case, there is also a great demand for the hunting of smaller animals; such as birds. Bird shooting offers some of the most varied hunting experiences available, and at Hunting Scotland we offer a wide range of trips enabling bird shooting in Scotland, and our attention to detail in this area always ensures a satisfactory experience. Bird shooting can be conducted individually or as a group, and can also be scheduled to last for longer than a single day if desired.

Bird shooting in Scotland can take place across a variety of different types of terrain, largely dictated by the type of bird that has been chosen as the quarry, and the shooting itself can also involve driving, beating or making use of a hide as required. These variations within the hunting practices mean that there is always something new to experience, and the broad range of hunting seasons that are relevant to the different birds ensures that you can enjoy bird shooting in Scotland throughout most of the year.

Demand for bird shooting in Scotland has actually helped to re-establish a number of species, such as partridges, and it can involve a number of different quarry types including pheasant, grouse, pigeon, geese, ducks and even woodcock. The differing natures of these birds allows there to be a bird shooting exercise to suit any level of skill. Pigeon shooting is particularly appropriate for individuals who are looking to improve their aim, whilst hunting woodcock can provide a challenge even for the most experienced hunters. Please be aware that the seasonal nature of some of these birds means that inclement or harsh weather is often to be expected, so please do not hesitate to let us know about any of your concerns.

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